About Max & Molly

Max & Molly is not your average dating app. It is not just the cutting edge technology that sets it apart. Max & Molly are truly community focused in every sense. A percentage of the monies earned by Max & Molly are donated to support Max & Molly Charitable Corporation. It is an online community one can feel really good about being a part of.


Max & Molly Charitable Corporation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization proudly supporting pet charities and safe dating initiatives.


Max & Molly Charitable Corporation supports pet initiatives and pet related charities like Rotonda to the Rescue. Rotonda to the Rescue partners with local shelters to help abused and neglected animals have a chance at life and to help rebuild animal shelters that are falling into disrepair.


One can never be too careful in today’s world when it comes to dating and knowing who you are choosing to have a relationship with. Max & Molly believe firmly in supporting a safe environment for people to meet and they demonstrate this in their business model as the latest in dating app technology - the video profile. Max & Molly are proud of providing a forum for a safer dating experience where members really get to know potential mates before they meet face to face. A percentage of the monies earned by Max & Molly are given to Max & Molly Charitable Corporation in support of education and other safe dating initiatives.

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