Current Projects

We are excited about all the new projects we are a part of!

With your support, here are some of the projects we are taking action on:

Truck Build


Max & Molly Charitable Corporation wants to take their show on the road - literally. The goal? To build a truck.


This custom built multi purpose truck will be a visible presence of Max & Molly Charitable Corporation - from sea to shining sea.


The truck will be versatile to travel to shelters in the lower 48 states during disaster relief efforts or for the transportation of rescued animals.

The truck will be comprised of:


  • A pre-owned truck outfitted with a 3-D dog head
  • A mobile on-board generator and battery system to power monitors, sound and exterior lighting.
  • Life saving equipment and a veterinarian work space for pet examinations.


The truck and its unique build enable Max & Molly Charitable Corporation to bring services to where animals need it most.


The truck can be a reality with your generous support. Help us reach our goal of $350,000 and make the dream of a quick response vehicle a reality.


Elderly Animals


A staggering 6.5 million dogs and cats are put into shelters yearly (ASPCA 2017) and sadly, a large percentage of those animals are elderly and in need of healthcare. While many organizations receive donations to support this care - the demand exceeds the support.

Rotonda to the Rescue


Max & Molly Charitable Corporation is committed to pets and pet related initiatives. From feeding, to healthcare and housing - the Charity seeks to create a better life for pets.


One initiative the Charity is especially proud to support is Rotonda to the Rescue.

Your gift to Max & Molly Charitable Corporation, in cooperation with Rotonda to the Rescue, sponsorship of animals during animal shelter restoration is possible. It will provide the needed annual care like teeth cleaning and vaccinations the shelter may otherwise not have the funding to support.


Need Care? We are There!

For nominal donation (pup level) of $25.00 you can help an animal in need.


The Charity truck will host “Animals in Need” events around the country allowing for pets to be brought for triage from local rescue shelters.


Soar to Greater Heights - Together.

We recognize all the wide spread effort other charities are doing to support animals in need and we want to help them because together we rise.


With your support The Charity will donate to airline mile programs catering to sponsor animal flights such as Guide Dogs of America and Canine Assistants. These programs help animals in need of assistance to fly for special surgeries or provide guide dogs free of charge for the blind and visually impaired.


Click here for Guide Dogs of America

Click here for Canine Assistants


Our elderly animals need our love and support and your generosity can enable them to get the care and homes they need. Our goal of $150,000 for elder care will help ease the pains of age for our pet friends.

Far too many animal shelters nationwide lack the space, equipment, or resources needed to make the most of their efforts. Despite the heroic efforts of our shelters, according to the Humane Society of the United States, approximately “2.4 million healthy, adoptable animals are put down in U.S. shelters each year.” Well, that simply isn’t acceptable and Rotonda to the Rescue has plans to change that.

Here’s How it Works!


For Our Shelters

If our animal shelters were properly resourced, can you imagine the impact their efforts can have? Rotonda to the Rescue can. Rescues and shelters will be able to submit an application to Rotonda to the Rescue and, if approved, have their entire facility updated inside and out. Yes, you read that correctly - a complete renovation of the rescue or shelter. The goal - an updated, fully equipped facility better suited to taking care of its inhabitants.

For Crisis Response

Sometimes the unthinkable happens - natural disasters, abandonment, owner deaths, abuse, hoarding, and breeding cruelty - these are some of the many reasons an animal find themselves in a terrifying or dangerous situation.


With Rotonda to the Rescue, these animals will have a chance at life and not face the risk of euthanasia if a loving home can’t be found.


Whether it means finding volunteers to fly with an animal, or packing up in the car and heading out on the open road, Rotonda to the Rescue will get these animals where they need to go so they can have a safe, loving opportunity at life.

For Our Servicemen and Women

Rotonda to the Rescue wants to give back to the men and women who serve this country in the military.


According to the National Center for PTSD, the number of servicemen and women affected by PTSD ranges from 11-30% (based on the war and if it was reported); and that’s not even taking into consideration the non-combat related PTSD military members deal with.

Sometimes our returning servicemen and women need support beyond that which medication can ease They need the quiet understanding, unconditional love, and unwavering support only a pet can provide. We are so appreciative for what our servicemen and women do in the face of adversity for our country.


Whether it is reconnecting military personnel with the animal they served with and bonded with overseas or making a furry companion a new part of the family, to help our service members and their families, Rotonda to the Rescue hopes to ease the transition our military members face when they come home.

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