Letter from the President, Kris Rotonda

The Charity aspires to be part of the animal activist community on a global scale. We will partner with local and global pet charities that align with our goals and vision to increase the impact we can have on the quality of life for our furry friends.


One initiative we support is Rotonda to the Rescue. My expertise in real estate flipping properties and the drive to find a way to help abused and neglected animals gave rise to the concept of Rotonda to the Rescue. I thought “why not put my talents to the best use possible?”  Rotonda to the Rescue partners with local shelters to help abused and neglected animals have a better chance at life by rebuilding animal shelters that are falling into disrepair.

Dear Animal Enthusiasts,


Welcome to Max & Molly Charitable Corporation! We are so pleased you found us and are interested in becoming a part of all the exciting work we have in store.


Max & Molly Charitable Corporation is a dream realized for me. I have always been passionate about pet initiatives and being an advocate for better solutions for our pet friends. As a father with daughters, I believe strongly in creating a safer dating environment - even though my girls won’t be allowed out of the house until they are 20 - so the mission of Max & Molly Charitable Corporation is dear to my heart and I am proud to be at the helm of an organization taking on such important issues.


My love for animals began as a little boy with the best dog ever - Rocky. He was the best furry soul anyone could ask for and his unconditional love inspired me to make animals my focus. As a single man with four K9 companions, the movie Must Love Dogs really set the course for the synthesis between my personal loves and professional ambitions.

Letter from the President, Robert Otillar

I have been a pet owner and/or been part of a pet family for 57 years. I have cared for and owned over 15 dogs and cats in my life. Today, my partner and I have a pet family of 4 rescues. After rescuing one dog, it was very easy to rescue more because it was the natural thing to do.


As a father, I have raised my son to be the lover of animals. I think often we forget, because of the life span of our pets, that we are their whole life, even when they only grace ours for a short time. Today he carries that torch - donating his time to elderly animal care and sharing the joy animals bring by working at local animal shelters. I am proud to see the message and the torch be carried by the next generation.


I have always been a strong supporter of multiple animal shelters and have attended large gatherings in my locale to raise funds to support operations. Personally, I love to look for BOGO pet food at big box stores and will buy several bags and deliver it. I have always actively given back to animals in need, so when I met Kris, this organization was a natural fit.

Kris and I collaborated after discussing the Max & Molly app, Rotonda to the Rescue and other possible initiatives and decided it would be best to form a foundation.


My vision and hope for the foundation is that one day we will have multiple campaigns running - the Rotonda to the Rescue message will be global via syndication or other means. Of all our campaigns, it is Rotonda to the Rescue that shares a part of my life. I believe this is what we forget the most; there are animals that need a place to stay and eat, there are animals that need care and there are places the public needs to “go to” to interact with animals and find the animal(s) that will “choose them.” As pet supporters we know this to be true - they choose us, we don’t choose them.”


One part of Rotonda to the Rescue that sets it apart from other organizations doing good work for others is that children are allowed to be involved. All too often, young adults do not fully understand the magnitude of philanthropy and charitable causes. What does it take? It isn’t the celebration and pageantry of galas and plaques. No -it takes blood, sweat and tears. Rotonda to the Rescue has the unique ability to instill in young minds a sense of positivity and giving.


My hope is that a person who can care for an animal can share some of those traits and habits in the adult world - we need it now more than ever. People caring for people and animals because we all share the same place - Earth.

If the dating world is to be a better place when my girls reach adulthood, we have to start changing the landscape today. The Charity is proud to be a beneficiary of the Max & Molly Dating App - a leader in the next generation of online dating technology. With video profiles, it removes the mystery of people who hide behind static photos. The Charity supports other safe dating initiatives like The Date Safe Project and Blueprints Program who are starting the conversation about acceptable behavior, safe dating practices and how to handle rejection in healthy ways for the next generation.


We are all in this together. Max & Molly Charitable Corporation is proud to be supporting these initiatives in pursuit of making the world a better place - a safer place - for people and their pet friends. We are so pleased you have joined us in support of leaving our mark on a better future.


Warmest Regards,


Kristopher Rotonda


Max & Molly Charitable Corporation


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